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Photographers, May 4th. through June 22nd.

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Located in the Historic Downtown Tucson Warehouse Arts District


New Hours

Tuesday through Saturday

From 10 am. to 2 pm.

Chemical fumes from the sewage manholes enters the gallery

in the early afternoons and has been forcing us to leave early.

Please call ahead before driving over here, to make sure we are here.

Customer Parking available at west side parking lot.



Sylvia Garland . Art - Link

 Martin Quintanilla Linocut Prints ------For Sale------
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Contreras Gallery and Jewelry LLC is a Tucson, Arizona artist studio and art gallery, located in the historic Warehouse Arts District. It is owned and opperated by

Neda G. Contreras and Eugene M. Contreras. The back studio is open to the public. Neda Contreras works on oil paintings and Eugene Contreras works on custom handmade jewelry.

Every 1st. Saturday in the gallery, there is a new group exhibition and artist reception, showing fine art works.

The focus of the gallery is to promote the local cultural and historic themes of the Southwest and local Tucson area.



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A Tucson, Arizona Art Gallery Located In The Tucson Warehouse Arts District. 110 E. 6TH. STREET Ph: (520) 398-6557 TUCSON, AZ. 85705 http://www.contrerashousefineart.com/index.html postmaster@contrerashousefineart.com

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