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2 Images from each artists

Jane Buckman, "Black Lava Mountain", Pastel on Paper, 19" x 21" Framed, $890.00



Jane Buckman, "Desert's Pulse", Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 17" x 30" $890.00



Jacqueline Chanda, "Old Town", Oil on Canvas, $1,695.00



Jacqueline Chanda, "Street Repairs", Oil on XCanvas, $1,400.00



Nancy Drigotas, ""Tuscan Spring II", Monotype, $500.00



Nancy Drigotas, "Tuscan Spring I", Monotype, $500.00



Nina Duckett, "Linda Ronstadt", Acrylic opn Canvas, $500.00



Nina Duckett, "Lila Downs", Acrylic on Canvas, $500.00



Helen Gaus, "Rabbit", Collored Pencil, $700.00 unframed, $1,000.00 Framed



Helen Gaus, "Jack Rabbit", Collored Pencil, $700.00 unframed, $1,000.00 Framed



Elisabeth Geel, "For a Wedge of Wisdom", Oil on Canvas, $850.00



Elisabeth Geel, "The Hope Factory Before the Explosion", Oil on Canvas, $1,600.00



Gene Hall, "Summer", Oil on Canvas, $175.00



Gene Hall, "Withered", Oil on Canvas, $175.00



Sali Katz, "Wishfull Thinking", Acrylic on Canvas, $425.00



Sali Katz, "Mom's Flowers", Acrylic on Canvas, $525.00



Joanna Pregon, "Seeding", Oil on Canvas, $450.00



Joanna Pregon, "The Watcher", Oil on Canvas, $2,650.00



Perla Segovia, " Afuera de Lima", Embroidery and Water Color on Canvas, $2,000.00