"Fine Art Prints"

Types of printing may include: woodcut, linocut, collagraph, engraving, etching, aquatint, monotype, monoprint, lithograph, and screen print.

The show will run from September 3rd. through October 29th.

Gallery Hours:

Monday through Friday, From 10 am. to 3:00 pm.

Customer Parking available at west side parking lot.

Drive cautiously. Road construction on 6th. Street

Please call ahead before driving over here, we may have to leave due to toxic fumes coming into the gallery, because of road construction.



Jo Andersen

Jo Andersen, Evolution #1, Woodcut, 12" x 12", $250.00



Jo Andersen, Evolution #2, Woodcut, 12" x 12", $250.00



Jo Andersen, "Mt. Lemmon, Etching, 4.75" x 4", $200.00



Julia Andres

Julia Andres,"Oda a los tres Tomates Roma"
Ode to the three Roma Tomatoes
Polychrome Photogravure Polymer Etching
BFK 1/20 $350



Julia Andres, "Nuts - Pecans"
Polychrome Photogravure Polymer Etching, $350.00




David Andres

David Andres

Collection Sea of Cortez - Still life
Photogravure polymer etching
BFK 4/10 $350


Estrella Maris - Bahia San Pedro, MX - Still life
BFK 3/10 $350




Glory Tacheenie Campoy

Native American/ Indigenous words for water
Aha (Quechan)
Axa (Maricopa)
Baa’a (Northern Paiute)
Báa’ am (Mayo)
Bat (Opata)
Ba’ wí (Tarahumara)
Erkah (Cocopa)
Hax (Seri)
Kuuyi Hopi)
Nepi (Kickapoo)
`Paa (Chemeheuvi)
Paa (Southern Ute)
Shuhthagi ( Tohono O’ odham) Tó (Diné / Navajo)
Tú ( Western Apache)
Vaa’ am (Yaqui or Ba’am?) `wai’ (Maori, New Zealand)
*Fabric quilt care. Rinse spray with cold water no detergent. Flat dry on rack. Shadow box for protection.

*Tó Bahane’ (Talking About Water Series) Number One, woodcuts, handmade text stamps
printed on fabric quilted , machine and handstitching. 20 inches high x 23 1/2 inches wide Shadowbox frame, $1500. Aug. 2022 . Artist signature on back of art. (See photo of art)



*Tó Bahane’ ( Talking About Water Series) Number Two, 17 1/2 wide x 20 1/2 inches high, machine and hand stitched. Woodcuts and handmade text stamps printed on fabric Shadowbox frame, $1000.Aug. 2022. Artist signature on back.(See photo of art)



Untitled, woodcuts, leaf print on paper. Varied edition 1/1. 12 inches wide x 15 inches high framed. $300. Not photographed (unframed varied editions available at $75. each)





Sharon Conine

Sharon Conine, "Arivaca Arroyo", Linocut print, ghost, $200.00




Sharon Conine, "Javalinas Foraging", Intaglio Print, $175.00




Sharon Conine, "White Mountain Spirits", Momotype/Colage, $300.00





Robert Conine

Robert Conine, "Bear Walks Through Fire", Intaglio Photopolymer Aquatint, $300.00



Robert Conine, "Pamunkey 1", Intaglio Photopolymer Aquatint, $300.00



Robert Conine, "Pamunkey 3", Intaglio Photopolymer Aquatint, $300.00





Neda Contreras

Neda Contreras, "Picasso Cat", Linocut, 5" x 7", Framed, $65.00



Neda Contreras, "El Pulpu", 7" x 5", Framed, $65.00



Neda Contreras, "Van Gogh Cat", Linocut, 5" x 7", Framed, $65.00





E. M. Contreras

E.M. Contreras, "A" Mountain, Linocut, 11" x 22", $125.00, unframed



E.M. Contreras, "Amor Eterno", Linocut. 5" x 7", Framed, $65.00



E. M. Contreras, "Gambel's Quail", Drypoint on Aluminum, $85.00, Framed




Jack Davison

Jack Davidson, "Bungalo After a Rain", Etching, Aquatint, Double Register, $235.00


Jack Davidson, "Earthlink", Etching/Aquatint, $385.00, (Partial Image)



Jack Davidson, "Plants Looking Outward", Etching, Aquatint, Double Register, $235.00





Christine Dawdy

Christine Dawdy, "Child", Drypoint on Plexiglass, $150.00


Christine Dawdy, "Young Girl", Drypoint on Copper, $150.00



Christine Dawdy, "Babes in the Woods", Drypoint on Zinc





Ka Fisher

Ka Fisher, "Leaf Dancing", Solar Plate Pastel, $350.00



Ka Fisher, "The Magician" 1/1, Layered Monoprint, $400.00



Ka Fisher, "Raven", Monotype wit Photo Colage, $450.00





Adam Gilliland

Adam Gilliland, "The Warmth of Your Touch", Monoprint, $375.00



Adam Gilliland, " The Power of Your Sex", Monoprint, $375.00



Adam Gilliland, "The Wetness of You Kiss", Monoprint, $375.00





Anita Maksimiuk

Anita Maksimiuk, Untitled, Lithograph with screenprint and intaglio, 33" x 22", $575.00





Ruben Moreno

Ruben Moreno, "Fuerza Tigrada", Block Print, $250.00 Framed





Jack Remington

Jack Remington, "Twilight of the Evening Land", Monotype, $450.00



Jack Remington, "Floating", Intaglio/Aquatint Etching, $100.00



Jack Remington, "Memory", Photogravure Print, $240.00





Martin Quintanilla

  Martin Quintanilla, "La Vida Loca", Linocut Print, 30" x 30", $300.00




 Martin Quintanilla, Linocut Print, 11.5" x 11.5", $75.00 




  Martin Quintanilla, Linocut Print, 12" x 16.5", $150.00