Native American Artists who have shown at Contreras Gallery

 Wallace Begay

 Lydia Maldonado

 David Moreno

 Glory Tacheenie - Campoy





Native American - Indian Jewelry Designs

made by E. Michael Contreras


110 East 6th. Street

Tucson, Arizona, 85705


Eugene Michael Contreras, started making jewelry in 1959, as an apprentice of his father, master silversmith, Alberto Contreras Sr.

In the late 1940's, Alberto Contreras was taught by master silversmith Frank Patania Sr., whose classic contemporary style has been passed down into the Contreras family.

(Frank Patania's jewelry pieces are now collected in the Smithsonian Institute)

During the 1970's when Native American jewelry was highly fashionable, Alberto Contreras hired Native American silversmiths to make their tribe's style of jewelry.

Navajo jewelry, Zuni jewelry, and Hopi jewelry, were mostly sold at that time.

E. Michael Contreras, continues a Tucson Family tradition, making all forms and styles of custom designed hand wrought jewelry.

All turquoise used at Contreras Gallery is natural and high grade. It was purchased by Alberto Contreras Sr. prior to 1970. (unless otherwise stated)

It was mined between 1950 and 1970, from Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. Contreras Gallery does not use any type of treated turquoise.


Below are samples of jewelry made by E. M. Contreras, which depict Native American designs and influence.






 Bisbee Turquoise Ring - 1972

 Buckle - Inlaid Cripple Creek Turq.

 Bracelet with Lapis Lazuli 2010

 Bolo Tie with Ithica Peak Turquoise
 Hand Wrought Ingot Navajo Concho





 Sand Cast Bracelet

 Sand Cast Buckle

Sandcast silver buckle with turquoise

 High Grade Morenci Turq. Bracelet

 Cripple Creek Turq. Bracelet





Sterling Silver and Bloodstone


Hopi Overlay bracelet with Tohono O'odham man in the maze design

High Grade Bisbee Turquoise necklace

  Sandcast silver buckle with turquoise


Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet





Cripple Creek Turquoise